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Dreamland, a member of Bahgat Group, is acknowledged as one of the largest, privately-owned, integrated urban development projects not only in Egypt but in the entire Middle East. With its genius location and its fascinating atmosphere, Dreamland offers something unique for those who seek excellence.

Dreamland is situated in a unique location overlooking the majestic pyramids of Giza. and was designed to be a pioneering integrated real-estate project on the Middle Eastern scale.

Located at a unique and exclusive location that overlooks the timeless pyramids, Dreamland extends across 2000 feddans, and should accomodate 40,000 residents upon completion. This mega-project was designed by some of the world’s leading consultants & architects, to be a pioneering real estate development project in Egypt.
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Building overlooking pools

We at Dreamland have introduced an original approach and a non-traditional vision to what a niche housing project can provide. Since the first design drafts, and throughout all stages of construction, we made sure that Dreamland remains the finest residential compound in Egypt...

The project’s aesthetics, and the residential units’ unique designs conform to that vision, as we have surrounded each residential block with splendidly-designed swimming pools, and provided every building with luxurious elevators and dedicated garages for every unit. Also, Dreamland offers outstanding features for everyone, starting with our beautifully-styled residential communities, necessary services and continuing through recreational, entertainment, business and sports facilities.

In accordance with this vision, we have remained committed to building 20% only of the total area, so that all residential units enjoy magnificent views of the pyramids, golf course, lush green landscapes, swimming pools and artificial lakes.

Also, Dreamland was built 180 meters above sea level, giving it fair weather that is pollution-free. The exact location was carefully selected such that Dreamland sits between a number of main roads and freeways that guarantee easy transportation to and from it, and the project is only fifteen minutes away from Lebanon Square in Mohandiseen.
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