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Dreamland’s infrastructure was designed and built at world-class standards, ensuring a relaxing, worry-free lifestyle for its residents and guests. The compound incorporates a solid infrastructure that includes:

Communications network


Dreamland’s pioneering communications network was built in cooperation with Motorola. All residential units are connected through fiber optic cables. This advanced network provides the compound's residents with telephone services, broadband Internet, and satellite television, with room to grow, and it ranks Dreamland as the Middle East’s first electronic residential compound.

Water network

Dreamland’s water is supplied from the Nile River via 6th October City’s purification plant. To ensure a continuous water feed, water storage tanks are utilized inside the city. Furthermore, being a grid-based network, maintenance to one part of the network does not affect the rest of the network, and water pressure is constant throughout the day. Dreamland also benefits from a robust firefighting network that integrates with the water grid. This firefighting network is of the highest global standards and covers the entire city.

Roads network

  1. Main roads (30m wide) interconnect the project’s different areas. Distribution roads (20m wide) are located between the different residential areas. Furthermore, 15m-wide side roads within each residential area for easier access to each residential unit. As for parking, all roads have parking spaces on the side, and multiple open parking spaces exist to serve the residential, entertainment, and commercial zones.
  2. This internal network is connected to the "Wahat Road" via five main entrances, hence ensuring smooth traffic flow and easy access to the project’s different areas.
  3. Intersections are designed using high safety standards.
  4. A thorough network of pedestrian walks is built alongside the streets.